the road ahead

About Me

I am a web developer, graphic designer, and photographer.

Although some might say those interests are broad, my effectiveness proves they are related.

A programmer's mind yields understanding of technology leading to smart designs. Photography gives me the eye to make those designs look appealing.

My experience at Merrill Lynch (for over ten years), allowed me to master the effectiveness of web presence.

I am continuing my career as a web programmer at Bank of America.


The vast majority of my work over the past ten years has been with Merrill Lynch. I've participated in key roles on a variety of projects, including lead developer on and WorldNet (Merrill Lynch intranet).

I am currently working on a redesign for the corporate intranet of Bank of America.

On occasion, I produce independent work. This allows me to keep my skills diverse. This is critical to being a well rounded web professional.


Feel free to send me an email.